Physics is Beautiful Mobile App

Learn physics topics including vectors, unit conversion, motion diagrams, position, velocity and acceleration graphs, Newton's Laws, free-body diagrams, tension, friction, gravitational force and more in our new mobile app.

Fun, interactive and gamified lessons that make learning physics easy. Deepen your understanding through our problem types specially designed for physics such as drawing vectors on a grid, or units being automatically cancelled in our unit conversion problem type.

Teachers: Make a Classroom! Teachers can create a classroom and share a code with their students to join, or use the Google Classroom integration to import a classroom of students all in the app. Teachers can create, customize and manage assignments of physics lessons for their students. Students can then complete assignments created by their teacher. Track the number of students who completed on time, late, or did not complete an assignment.

Discuss! Get answers to your physics questions by posting them in the discussion section and getting responses from our growing community of physicists.

Download the app for Android here.